Each summer, we encourage our students to purchase workbook from Summerbook Company. This helps them to stay fresh on material and ready to start back in the fall.

Each Summerbook reviews language arts, math, writing, thinking skills and reading comprehension.  All Summerbooks offer ten full weeks of review and a complete answer key.  Since 1989 Summerbooks has been providing students with a total, cross-curriculum review that is academically challenging; yet interesting and enjoyable. 

Participation is not a mandatory requirement, but if you are interested in ordering these books, click on the link below and enter code SRCO1. A special breakfast with Mrs. Johnston and Mrs. Olender will take place on August 7, at 8:30 a.m. for students who complete at least 6 weeks of the their book. If the WHOLE book is completed your child can wear JEANS!!!
To purchase workbooks, go to the Summerbook Company website.